Products: Primary and secondary education


Expert, tailored support to increase quality of education

Our experienced and knowledgeable advisory team, comprised of former headteachers, school leaders and specialists, can work with your school in a wide range of areas from school leadership, strategy and self evaluation to advising on specific subject areas. Our advisers are familiar with the 2019 Ofsted Framework and receive regular, up-to-date training to ensure that they are current and can provide relevant support and challenge. Please get in touch to find out about how our primary and secondary advisors can support your school.

Leadership and management

Product Product code Price (excl. VAT)
Bespoke School Improvement Partner programme 11/TAL/033 £POA
Cultural Competence Training 10/LAM/016 £POA
Headteacher performance management 10/LAM/009 £590.00
Individual Leadership Coaching Support 10/LAM/025 £750.00
Leadership and management bespoke support 10/LAM/001 £718.00
One day review 10/LAM/012 £POA
School Improvement Partner programme 11/TAL/032 £3,240.00
SEF surgery 10/LAM/027 £1,080.00
Subject Deep Dives 11/TAL/025 £850.00
Whole School Curriculum Review (Primary Schools) 10/LAM/024 £POA

Teaching and learning support

Product Product code Price (excl. VAT)
Primary teaching and learning support 11/TAL/018 £POA
Secondary teaching and learning support 11/TAL/019 £POA

The LIT Programme (secondary)

Product Product code Price (excl. VAT)
LIT Programme 11/TAL/015 £2,500.00
LIT Programme bespoke support 11/TAL/049 £POA
LIT Programme refresher training 11/TAL/063 £750.00
The LIT Programme Annual Subscription 11/TAL/061 £500.00

Daily Supported Reading (primary)

Product Product code Price (excl. VAT)
Daily Supported Reading Programme (DSR) - Year 1 11/TAL/030 £2,665.00
Daily Supported Reading subscription 11/TAL/034 £600.00
Refresher training for Daily Supported Reading 11/TAL/050 £500.00

Destination Reader (primary)

Product Product code Price (excl. VAT)
Destination Reader (per school) 11/TAL/016 £2,665.00
Destination Reader annual subscription (per school) 11/TAL/047 £600.00

Reading recovery

Product Product code Price (excl. VAT)
Reading Recovery CPD for one teacher 11/TAL/013 £1,019.00
Reading Recovery CPD for two teachers 11/TAL/014 £1,122.00
Reading Recovery post graduate training 11/TAL/036 £2,815.00

Reading resources

Product Product code Price (excl. VAT)
Diverse Shorts - Literature to Promote Critical Thinking 11/TAL/052 £15.00
Reading moderation for KS1 and KS2 11/TAL/039 £450.00

Careers collaborative and employability

Product Product code Price (excl. VAT)
Careers Collaborative 11/TAL/058 £1,950.00

Subject, SEND and pastoral audits

Product Product code Price (excl. VAT)
Subject Audits 11/TAL/017 £570.00