Products: Music service

Instrumental and vocal tuition

Product Product code Price
Instrument loan scheme 18/MUS/032 £POA
Instrumental/vocal tuition 18/MUS/028 £POA

Music festivals and events

Product Product code Price
Dance festival (per class) 18/MUS/021 £POA
Early years singing festival 18/MUS/039 £POA
Infant singing festival (per class) 18/MUS/018 £POA
Instrument carriage for events 18/MUS/038 £POA
Instrumental festival (per class) 18/MUS/020 £POA
Junior singing festival (per class) 18/MUS/019 £POA
Performers in schools (primary and secondary schools) 18/MUS/027 £POA
Secondary singing festival 18/MUS/023 £POA

Music partnerships and bespoke projects

Product Product code Price
African drumming and dance residency 18/MUS/024 £POA
Bespoke music projects 18/MUS/036 £POA
Carnival music project 18/MUS/026 £POA
Graded examinations (e.g. ABRSM and Trinity Guildhall) 18/MUS/037 £POA

Music development and training

Product Product code Price
In class music curriculum support 18/MUS/022 £POA
School music development and CPD 18/MUS/029 £POA

First access to music

Product Product code Price
Whole class instrument taster scheme for tuition already in place 18/MUS/017 £POA
Whole-Class Tuition for New Instruments 18/MUS/016 £POA