Products: Reading programmes


Reading with greater understanding and enjoyment

Hackney Education has developed an award-winning portfolio of outstanding reading and literacy programmes used in over 800 schools, trusts and Local Authorities. The programmes are internationally acclaimed and proven to deliver success across all key stages.

Empower your children to read with greater understanding, independence and enjoyment.

The LIT Programme (secondary)

Product Product code Price (excl. VAT)
LIT Programme 11/TAL/015 £2,500.00
LIT Programme bespoke support 11/TAL/049 £POA
LIT Programme refresher training 11/TAL/063 £POA
The LIT Programme Annual Subscription 11/TAL/061 £500.00

Daily Supported Reading (primary)

Product Product code Price (excl. VAT)
Daily Supported Reading Programme (DSR) 11/TAL/030 £2,665.00
Daily Supported Reading subscription 11/TAL/034 £600.00
Refresher training for Daily Supported Reading 11/TAL/050 £500.00

Destination Reader (primary)

Product Product code Price (excl. VAT)
Destination Reader (per school) 11/TAL/016 £2,665.00
Destination Reader annual subscription (per school) 11/TAL/047 £600.00
Destination Reader refresher training 11/TAL/012 £500.00

Reading resources

Product Product code Price (excl. VAT)
Diverse Shorts - Literature to Promote Critical Thinking 11/TAL/052 £15.00
Reading moderation for KS1 and KS2 11/TAL/039 £450.00