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Ofsted inspections have been critical when “teachers do not have the knowledge or the training to teach [Religious Education] well… and with confidence,” and when “pupils lack knowledge about the different religions within and beyond their community” (Ofsted School Reports, 2019).

Hackney Education has devised a series of 6 training webinars, to build teachers’ knowledge and confidence. The webinars include Alevism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism, as well as the diversity in Judaism and Christianity. They fulfil the statutory requirements in the Hackney Agreed Syllabus.

These are a forever resource for schools, allowing flexibility about how and when they are used: for whole staff training all year round, or shared with individual staff and new teachers joining the school.

These webinars have been approved by the Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education in Hackney, and can be used to support the Hackney Education units of learning for primary schools, as well as some guidance of how their teaching can contribute to wider humanities curriculum.

Schools are able to purchase these individually or receive an extensive discount for the whole package of 6 webinars. 

Religious Education

Product Product code Price (excl. VAT)
Introducing Buddhism Webinar 11/TAL/077 £95.00
Introducing Hinduism Webinar 11/TAL/075 £95.00
Jesus: Rabbi, Prophet or Messiah? Webinar 11/TAL/073 £95.00
Judaism: Through time and Across the World Webinar 11/TAL/072 £95.00
Origins of Sikhism Webinar 11/TAL/076 £95.00
Package of 6 Religious Education Webinars 11/TAL/078 £365.00
What is Alevism, and why should we teach it? Webinar 11/TAL/074 £95.00