Schools Charter for Race and SEND

About the charter

The Charter for Race and SEND serves as an important framework for promoting equity, diversity and inclusion in schools and educational settings in Hackney.

The six principles

The six principles of the Charter offer a clear and actionable framework for schools to address various aspects of the Equality Act. These principles can guide schools in implementing policies that ensure equity for children, young people and staff.

1. Individualisation

  • recognise that neither people of Black and Global Majority or people with SEND are homo-genous group, and we will tailor our support to reflect the needs of different groups.

2. Relationships

  • develop meaningful relationships with individuals and organisations, to enable us to be more targeted and agile in our work with people with SEND and those from Black and Global Majority communities through dialogue and joint projects to understand and address issues that impact disproportionately on them.

3. Visibility

  • promote and celebrate the history and achievements of people with SEND and those from Black and Global Majority heritage in communities, schools and workplaces through arts and cultural events.

4. Partnerships

  • work together with individuals and organisations, including youth focused and led organisations, to ensure the governance structures of the Council, and schools in the Borough, are diverse and representative of the people they serve. 

5. Knowledge

  • understand the damaging impact of structural and institutional racism on students, staff and families, and acknowledge that people with SEND and those of Black and Global Majority heritage have particular ‘lived experiences’ that all communities and generations can and need to learn from, to break the cycle of systemic discrimination and disproportionate outcomes.

6. Resourcing

  • provides equitable and adequate resources to advance equity-based interventions for people with SEND and people from Black and Global Majority heritage.

Commitment from schools and settings

We are encouraging Hackney schools to sign up to the Charter. Please complete a sign up form to confirm the support of your Headteacher and Chair of Governors.

The Charter domains

Knowledge and understanding

  • Articulates and promotes a shared language and culture of diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • Uses diversity to build capability and enrich learning for all.

Skills and performance

  • Confronts challenging issues and proactively addresses issues of injustice.

Values and beliefs

  • Addresses and manages conflict productively.
  • Values individual differences and ensures that members of a school community are treated fairly. 

Personal commitment (wellbeing)

  • Communicates direction to achieve change goals.
  • Recognises the different impacts change can have on individuals and groups.


Debra Robinson, System Leader for Diversity and Inclusion