Products: School finance


Reduce financial risks and meet your statutory requirements

It's never been more important to get a grip on school finances. Our experienced school finance and bursarial experts guide you through the maze of rules and regulations and ease pressure at critical points in the financial year.

Our School Finance Team helps you to plan and manage finances efficiently, minimise risks, introduce robust monitoring, comply with legislation, forecast budgets and manage variations and contracts. Our School Bursarial Team provides real time practical support for you to meet financial deadlines and statutory requirements, including interim support in the event of your Bursar’s absence or departure.

Bursarial services

Product Product code Price (excl. VAT)
Bursar service - 1 day per month over 10 months 03/FIN/005 £5,640.00
Bursar service - 2 days per month over 10 months 03/FIN/006 £11,150.00
Bursar service - 3 days per month over 10 months 03/FIN/007 £16,555.00
Bursar service - 4 days per month over 10 months 03/FIN/008 £21,915.00