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Hackney Education has devised a series of webinars for schools, allowing flexibility about how and when they are used - for whole staff training all year round, or shared with individual staff and new teachers joining the school.

Religious Education

Product Product code Price (excl. VAT)
Introducing Buddhism Webinar 11/TAL/077 £95.00
Introducing Hinduism Webinar 11/TAL/075 £95.00
Jesus: Rabbi, Prophet or Messiah? Webinar 11/TAL/073 £95.00
Judaism: Through time and Across the World Webinar 11/TAL/072 £95.00
Origins of Sikhism Webinar 11/TAL/076 £95.00
Package of 6 Religious Education Webinars 11/TAL/078 £365.00
What is Alevism, and why should we teach it? Webinar 11/TAL/074 £95.00