Online safety

Online safety policy documents

Hackney Education has prepared online safety documents in-line with best practice, using guidance from London Grid for Learning and with generous support from the London Borough of Islington's education team.

Schools can download copies of the documents and amend them to suit their needs, and are advised to consider Ofsted's briefing for section 5 inspection guidance.

The guidance states the following features represent good and outstanding practice:

  • Rigorous e-safety policies and procedures are in place, written in plain English, contributed to by the whole school, updated regularly and ratified by governors
  • The e-safety policy should be integrated with other relevant policies, such as behaviour, safeguarding and anti-bullying
  • The e-safety policy should incorporate an Acceptable Use Policy that is understood and respected by pupils, staff and parents

Hackney Education has developed these policies and appendix to adhere to Ofsted's guidelines.


James Sykes, Quality Assurance and Training Officer

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