Cancellation policy

The following is an extract from our general Terms and Conditions of Ordering.

9. Termination/Cancellations

9.1. Either party may cancel any or all of the Products or Services contained in the Order, Quotation or Proposal by giving the other 12 week’s written notice.  (This Clause 9.1, however, does not apply to Annual I.T. Support Contracts. Such contracts can only be terminated by the Customer for material breach after the Customer has given Hackney Education a reasonable opportunity to rectify any alleged material breaches).

9.2. If the Customer gives Hackney Education less than 12 weeks’ notice or cancels part way through delivery of the Products or Services, it may be liable for the full cost of the Product or Service ordered or charged any costs that Hackney Education incurs as a result of the cancellation, up to the full cost of the Product or Service.

9.3. In the event that Hackney Education is unable to supply all or any part of the Products, it shall refund the Customer for that part of the Products it cannot deliver.

9.4. If Hackney Education has scheduled Products or Services to take place on the Customer’s site, and the Customer fails to advise Hackney Education of any change in the schedule of those who will be receiving the Products or Services within 48 hours before the Service is due to be carried out or the Products been due to be delivered, then those Services or Products shall be deemed to have been delivered and will be charged for by Hackney Education.

9.5. If delays are caused by the Customer not responding to Hackney Education with suitable delivery times to enable a delivery to be made, Hackney Education may extend the time in which delivery of the order can be fulfilled, and if no further action is taken after an extension of time is granted, the Trust may deem the products to have been delivered and charge accordingly.

9.6. If a Party is in breach of a material term of this Agreement and despite written notice from the other Party, fails to remedy such breach within 30 days, then the other Party shall be entitled to terminate this Agreement with immediate effect.

9.7. Hackney Education may cancel all or part of the Products or Services (and refund a reasonably apportioned percentage of the Price on a quantum meruit basis) if it considers that the usage of the Product or Services exceeds what Hackney Education considers to be fair use in all the circumstances.

9.8. Where individual CPD Courses are purchased, clauses 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.4 and 9.5 shall not apply.

9.9. If the Customer cannot attend a Course, they shall give no less than 7 days written notice and have the right to defer to another date, subject to availability.

9.10. If the customer does not attend a CPD Course or does not give notice as required by clause 9.9, then the Customer will be liable for the full cost of the course.