Secondary home learning resources

Schools have been working relentlessly hard and creatively to promote home learning during this time of closure. Many have developed online activities and the use of portals, zoom and apps, such as ‘MyHomework’.

To support parents and pupils, we are putting together resources and ideas for subjects including literacy and mathematics. These focus on key stage 3 and key stage 4 and will be updated every one to two weeks.

Our themed home learning topics complement activities that have been set by schools. These may be of help particularly if you are trying to manage the needs of several children or have limited access to the internet.


These resources have been produced to help learners develop a love of reading, through using certain strategies to help make reading easier and purposeful. Parents and carers can support their children through practising these strategies and making reading a shared experience.

Title Download size Download type
1-6 - English Introduction and Activities 1.02 MB PDF
10 - English Book Review 267.63 KB Word document
7 - English Helping Your Child with Reading 778.26 KB PDF
8 - English Reading Strategies Suggested Prompts 784.32 KB PDF
9 - English Comprehension Task 308.78 KB Word document
English - The Bouncing Bomb 531.79 KB Word document


These resources are designed to show how mathematics can be used to solve problems and analyse data in situations far beyond the classroom. You can also view online resources for National Numeracy Day.


When learning a language it is essential for children to hear, practise and read regularly. These resources highlight a number of videos, games and fun activities.

Title Download size Download type
Chartered Institute of Linguists - free languages resources 177.98 KB PDF
Spanish Home Learning - 1 187.4 KB PDF
Spanish Home Learning - 2 592.66 KB PDF

Religious Education

The modules below all focus on foods in different religions. Each module has a matching support guide.


Title Download size Download type
Cells - the building blocks of life 216.96 KB PDF


These Key Stage 3 activities are designed to be interactive and create discussion around the topic of Black History. 

Title Download size Download type
Black History Task - The Beachy Head Lady 440.52 KB PDF