Products: Human resources

Customised HR services

Product Product code Price
Bespoke HR support (per day) 05/HR/039 £510.00
Bespoke HR support (per hour) 05/HR/012 £75.00
Bespoke HR training 05/HR/037 £510.00
HR bespoke school support 05/HR/032 £POA
HR mediation support (per day) 05/HR/038 £510.00
HR professional support and administration (per hour) 05/HR/036 £280.00

Disclosure and Barring Service

Product Product code Price
Disclosure and Barring Service check 05/HR/031 £POA

Migrant worker sponsorship

Product Product code Price
Migrant workers sponsorship certificate 05/HR/028 £360.00
Renewal of migrant workers sponsorship certificate 05/HR/029 £195.00


Product Product code Price
Full TES recruitment campaign (Hackney schools only) 02/COM/013 £1,150.00
HR recruitment - single vacancy placement 05/HR/024 £77.00