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Product Product code Price (excl. VAT)
1/2 Day CPD Course for Primary and Secondary Schools 24/CPD/013 £148.00
14-19 transition support 11/TAL/037 £POA
Allergies, Anaphylaxis and Epi-Pens 27/EYS/017 £29.17
Annual CPD package - large primary school 24/CPD/007 £3,650.00
Annual CPD package - special schools 24/CPD/008 £2,350.00
Annual CPD package - small primary school 24/CPD/006 £2,350.00
Annual Subscription to the LIT Programme 11/TAL/061 £500.00
Attendance Service for One Term 14/ATT/009 £POA
Bespoke Conference and Training Packages 28/TOM/010 £POA
Bespoke Destination Reader Support 11/TAL/035 £POA
Bespoke HR support (per hour) 05/HR/012 £75.00
Book - Wolf 11/TAL/064 £7.50
Chaperone Training 17/SET/003 £50.00
Childminder Payments 27/EYS/031 £POA
Childminders Package of 3 Courses 27/EYS/026 £41.67
Childminders Package of 5 Courses 27/EYS/027 £62.50
Children Barred List Check Admin Fee 05/HR/040 £8.00
Clerking for additional board or committee meetings 04/GOV/005 £400.00
Comprehensive secondary CPD package 24/CPD/009 £4,900.00
Comprehensive Technical Support - Technician 1.5 days per wk 01/ICT/059 £POA
Consultant Travel Expenses 11/TAL/069 £POA
CPD Breakfast Briefing 24/CPD/005 £80.00
Daily Reading Bespoke Support 11/TAL/031 £POA
Dance festival (per class) 18/MUS/021 £POA
Data destruction services 01/ICT/069 £POA
Data Systems & Reporting Services for Early Years 35/MIS/001 £POA
DBS Card Payments 05/HR/997 £POA
Demystifying the EYFS 27/EYS/028 £87.50
Disclosure Barring Service User Training 05/HR/041 £75.00
Documents 06/PAY/006 £POA
DSR Resources 11/TAL/009 £50.00
Early Years Conference 27/EYS/005 £POA
Early Years Course 27/EYS/025 £20.83
Early Years Ofsted Inspection 27/EYS/003 £POA
Early years singing festival 18/MUS/039 £POA
Early Yrs CPD Payments 27/EYS/997 £0.00
Education Services Conference 02/COM/100 £POA
Educational Psychology Training 19/EPS/008 £POA
Emergency First Aid at Work 27/EYS/014 £45.83
Emotional Wellbeing Consultancy 11/TAL/027 £POA
Fire Safety Awareness 27/EYS/013 £45.83
Food Hygiene 27/EYS/015 £66.67
Governance reviews, risk assessments and consultations 04/GOV/007 £POA
Governors Card Payments 04/GOV/997 £POA
Governors Conference 04/GOV/016 £90.00
Governors package 1a (3 governing body meetings + helpline) 04/GOV/018 £2,100.00
Governors package 2a (6 governing body meetings + helpline) 04/GOV/020 £3,200.00
Health & Safety in the Workplace 27/EYS/011 £66.67
HR Travel Expenses 05/HR/022 £POA
Inclusion Card Payments 20/INC/997 £POA
Inclusion Conference 20/INC/100 £POA
Instrumental festival (per class) 18/MUS/020 £POA
Instrumental/Vocal Tutors (Primary)- 4 hrs a week (per year) 18/MUS/012 £POA
Integris Support and RM Finance License 01/ICT/045 £POA
iPad Project Management (including procurement) 01/ICT/042 £POA
Issue of Clothing Vouchers 13/PBN/004 £100.00
Junior singing festival (per class) 18/MUS/019 £POA
Long term sickness scheme 03/FIN/019 £POA
Makaton Course 27/EYS/029 £POA
Manual Handling 27/EYS/012 £45.83
Marketing Payments 02/COM/997 £POA
Maternity Cover Scheme 03/FIN/018 £POA
Mitel Telephone System 01/ICT/012 £POA
Music Admin Fee 18/MUS/025 £POA
NQT Bespoke Programme 23/NQT/008 £785.00
NQT Fast-track Assessment 23/NQT/017 £330.00
Ofsted Inspection 10/LAM/023 £POA
Ofsted readiness check/one day review - 2 FE+ 10/LAM/013 £2,500.00
One Day CPD Course for Primary and Secondary Schools 24/CPD/012 £230.00
Package of 10 early years courses (Hackney settings) 27/EYS/021 £166.67
Package of 5 Early Years Courses (Hackney Settings) 27/EYS/020 £104.17
Paediatric First Aid 27/EYS/010 £66.67
Payroll Emergency payment 06/PAY/002 £POA
Play Scheme Payments 39/PLA/001 £0.00
Post 16 CPD Payments 24/CPD/997 £0.00
Primary CPD Payments 24/CPD/995 £0.00
Publications: Postage & Packaging 22/PUB/008 £POA
Punch Drunk Enrichment Training 24/CPD/017 £POA
re-Engagement Unit Services 37/REU/001 £POA
Remote Network Monitoring Service 01/ICT/063 £POA
Remote technical support package (primary 1 to 1.5 form entry) 01/ICT/038 £POA
Remote technical support package (primary 2 to 3 form entry) 01/ICT/039 £POA
Remote technical support package for secondary schools 01/ICT/040 £POA
Restorative approaches training 33/RES/002 £POA
Restorative practices 33/RES/001 £POA
Risk Assessment 27/EYS/016 £58.33
Safeguarding In School Training 17/SET/001 £POA
School Secondment 10/LAM/022 £POA
Secondary CPD Payments 24/CPD/996 £0.00
Secondary limited CPD package 24/CPD/022 £2,900.00
Secondary singing festival 18/MUS/023 £POA
SIMS Lesson Monitor licence for secondary schools 01/ICT/028 £POA
SIMS Staff Performance 01/ICT/054 £POA
SIMS training 01/ICT/067 £POA
Sponsorship & Advertising 02/COM/004 £POA
Teaching & Learning Card Payments 11/TAL/997 £POA
Teaching and Learning Conference 11/TAL/057 £POA
Teaching and Learning Resource 11/TAL/059 £POA
Test product Amy card - name change 556677 £10.99
Test product commentable 88999988 £20.00
Test product default 334455 £30.00
Test product POA 1122334455 £POA
The Lit Programme Conference 11/TAL/040 £POA
Tomlinson Centre - Catering 28/TOM/003 £POA
Twilight Session CPD Course for Primary and Secondary School 24/CPD/014 £90.00
Weekly support: pupils with literacy difficulties - 10 weeks 20/INC/025 £2,040.00
Weekly support: pupils with literacy difficulties - 5 weeks 20/INC/024 £1,120.00