Products: IT services

Mobile device and telephone solutions

Product Product code Price
Mobile device management 01/ICT/035 £POA

SIMS support

Product Product code Price
SIMS and FMS server migrations 01/ICT/066 £POA
SIMS bespoke support 01/ICT/031 £POA
SIMS Core Suite licence 01/ICT/070 £POA
SIMS Dinner Money 01/ICT/026 £POA
SIMS FMS BACS remittances and maintenance 01/ICT/030 £POA
SIMS InTouch 01/ICT/065 £POA
SIMS Lesson Monitor licence for secondary schools 01/ICT/028 £POA
SIMS reports 01/ICT/027 £POA
SIMS Staff Performance 01/ICT/054 £POA
SIMS support package for primary and special schools 01/ICT/020 £POA
SIMS support package for secondary schools 01/ICT/022 £POA
SIMS training 01/ICT/067 £POA

Professional IT services

Product Product code Price
IT equipment procurement 01/ICT/032 £POA
IT project management and consultancy 01/ICT/029 £POA
IT training 01/ICT/037 £POA