Primary home learning resources

These resources help parents with home learning activities, such as timetabling, choosing appropriate topics and finding useful online resources.

General support

Title Download size Download type
Example Daily Home Learning Timetable 94.56 KB Word document
Key Skills to Practice Everyday 677.55 KB PDF
Take a Topic 173.05 KB PDF

Weekly home learning topics

Our themed home learning topics complement activities that have been set by school. These may be of help particularly if you are trying to manage the needs of several children or have limited access to the internet.

Title Download size Download type
1 - Fabulous Fantastic Food 1.05 MB PDF
2 - Awesome Amazing Animals 1.09 MB PDF
3a - Earth, Wind, Fire and Water 1.11 MB PDF
3b - Earth, Wind, Fire and Water 542.73 KB PDF
4 - Let's Remember 525.94 KB PDF
5 - Let's Move Around 550.98 KB PDF
6 - Let's Move Ourselves 609.38 KB PDF
7 - Let's Perform - Lights Camera Action! 539.77 KB PDF
8 - Let's Explore 1.29 MB PDF

Literacy activities

Here are some ideas for reading and writing activities at home, including creating a spinner to encourage talking about books. There's also a video that explains how to use the spinners. Thanks to Catherine from Queensbridge Primary School and Joe for sharing this.

Online resources

We've put together some useful resources for literacy and other curriculum areas. These resources are presented using Padlet - read instructions on how to use them.


These are links to materials to support children, families and schools with wellbeing. The links are organised into categories and there is also a column which supports the focus of wellbeing on page 1 of our home learning topics.


These resources will give you some great ideas for literacy learning including authors reading aloud, creative activities from illustrators and creative writing opportunities.

Other subjects

These resources provide learning ideas for subjects including maths, science, music, PE, computing and Spanish.