Online Disclosure and Barring Service

Our DBS service

The Hackney Learning Trust online DBS system and our dedicated DBS professionals help employers to make safer recruitment decisions. We have extensive experience of the DBS process and have operated as a registered Umbrella Body with the DBS since the introduction of CRB checks in 2002, processing Disclosure applications for Hackney schools, Hackney Learning Trust and other organisations for whom we act as their Umbrella Body.

We are not an anonymous IT company and understand your needs because we are in the same business.

As an Umbrella Body we are able to offer you the opportunity to use our fast, friendly and efficient service to process your DBS applications for all your new staff and renewals.  With our DBS-approved system this can all be done seamlessly online following our simple three-step process: set up – apply – verify.

1. Set up: You create the account online for the applicant; we will e-mail them details of how to apply. Call us on 020 8820 7301 or email to get started.

2. Apply: The applicant completes the simple, easy-to-follow online DBS Disclosure Applicant Form – we’ll send a confirmation that the form has been submitted. Automatic checks prevent the form from being submitted if it’s incomplete or contains errors, saving time and frustration.

3. Verify: The applicant presents their ID documents to the verifier, who checks and confirms their identity online. 

The form is automatically sent electronically to the DBS for processing and you will receive immediate notification once the check is complete.

Who should use us?

We specialise in checks on behalf of schools, voluntary and charitable organisations, and our online DBS system can quickly become a valuable service for any public sector organisation, including councils, fire and police services.

We also work with charities, schools, care homes, employment agencies and other companies in the private sector.

Make safer recruitment decisions faster

Using our online DBS system, eliminates the unwieldy paper process giving you a faster, safer process that will save you time and money. Letting us help will realise the following benefits:

  • A speedier end-to-end DBS process resulting in quicker, safer recruitment decisions
  • No paper application forms to complete, and our online form is automatically validated, meaning errors and returned forms are a thing of the past
  • Automated tracking of the process and e-mail reminders at each stage
  • Online notification direct from the DBS when the check is completed
  • No more paper; no more postage; no more frustration. Access anywhere by PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone

Our system sends the completed forms electronically direct to the DBS. There is no need for your organisation to have the additional staff, training and systems associated with operating as a Registered Body.


HLT Disclosure and Barring Service Team

020 8820 7301