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Trusted educational and business services

Hackney Education is a trusted provider of educational and business services that is active across London and beyond. We offer support from the early years phase right through to Key Stage 5.

Our ethos of putting the development of children and young people at the forefront of what we do, is reflected in our record of increased attainment in schools.

Traded services for 2023-24

Our brochure for 2023-24 showcases all the services we offer across School Improvement, Pupil Support and Business Services (including HR, DBS and finance). 

As well as the PDF brochure, you can also view an accessible brochure

If you need any information on this brochure in a different format please email s4s@hackney.gov.uk

Primary CPD training programme 2023-24

Our new, updated professional development programme is designed with you in mind. It includes high quality courses which will have a direct impact on your work leading and teaching in primary schools. 

Secondary CPD training programme 2023-24

Designed with you in mind, our professional development programme for secondary schools includes a wide range of high quality courses. Whatever the role you play in your secondary school, we can help you refresh, update and develop.


EY and childminders CPD training programme 2023-24

Our professional development programme includes high quality courses for early years and childminders, such as learning and development, health and safety, safeguarding and SEND.