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Dedicated support for ECTs, their mentors and induction tutors during the induction period

Registering early career teachers (ECTs) with an Appropriate Body service is not only a statutory requirement, but essential to ensure they can access the support they need for a successful start to their career. 

Let our experienced and dedicated staff support your ECTs and their mentors at this important time, including through high quality advice and guidance, assessment monitoring and additional CPD sessions.

Schools can enrol ECTs on one of three programmes with the Department for Education. Our Appropriate Body service differs depending on whether you opt for the Full Induction Programme, Core Induction Programme, or School Based Programme, as they require different levels of scrutiny and fidelity checking. If you are unsure which programme is best for your school, contact our specialist team on 020 3076 1515 or

This service is available to all primary, secondary and academy settings.

Appropriate Body Service

Product Product code Price (excl. VAT)
ECT 1st Year Core Induction Programme 23/NQT/012 £350.00
ECT 1st Year Full Induction Programme 23/NQT/010 £250.00
ECT 1st Year School Based Programme 23/NQT/014 £400.00