Vaccination resources

Why vaccines are important

These vaccination teaching resources have been created for use in schools across London as part of the Keep London Safe Covid information campaign.

They have been developed in the classroom by Hackney teachers and education specialists to teach students from KS2-5 about the science and history of vaccines, how the Covid vaccine works, and why it is important that everybody takes the vaccines that are offered to them.  

Using the vaccine teaching resources

These resources can be used by teachers all over the country, but it is particularly important in a diverse city like London to ensure that all our communities are well informed about the vaccine and feel confident to take it. Vaccine hesitancy amongst BAME communities has been well documented, yet as we know, some BAME communities are at greater risk from the virus.

We hope that these resources will encourage discussion in the classroom and give young people the information and confidence they need to reassure their parents and other older relatives about the safety of the vaccine.

The resources are in a PowerPoint presentation format with embedded video and detailed teaching notes on each slide.  One set of resources has been developed for KS2 and the other for KS3-5.

Title Download size Download type
COVID-19 vaccination teaching resource KS2 10.8 MB Powerpoint
COVID-19 vaccination teaching resource KS3–5 10.74 MB Powerpoint