Recovery Curriculum

In accordance with Department for Education guidance, from September 2020 schools are expected to teach a broad and ambitious curriculum including all subjects, making use of existing flexibilities to create time to cover the most important missed content.

Our resources can support schools in their wider curriculum planning. They will help schools to take a recovery approach whilst revising key content and supporting pupil wellbeing.


In the Spanish Recovery Curriculum, we suggest ways that teachers in both primary and secondary can support the whole child by using some key language learning approaches to promote empathy, communication, collaboration and active learning in this more restricted context. Teachers are urged to concentrate on revisiting prior learning and deepening understanding of crucial concepts without feeling the need to cover extraneous content and preferably without over-reliance on text books.

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The Music Education Recovery Curriculum is a framework that suggest ways that musical activities can be used specifically to support young people on their return to school in September 2020. These activities can help children recover from the consequences of Covid-19 and the emotional impact of societal changes such as loss of friendship, consequences of loss (anxiety, bereavement, stress and trauma including responses to issues around racial inequalities and the Black Lives Matter movement), loss of opportunity, loss of freedom, and loss of structure and routine.

The framework includes resource recommendations and can be used by non-specialist classroom teachers as well as music teachers across the Key Stages (primary and secondary). Creativity sustained so many young people (and adults) during lockdown, supporting their mental health and wellbeing beyond measure. It is vital that this continues when pupils return. 

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Bernadette Clinton, MFL Consultant

Xanthe Sarr, Hackney Music