Local authority governor appointment process


According to legal requirements, the Local Authority (LA) has a duty to nominate local authority governors, while the formal decision to appoint rests with the respective Governing Board.

One LA governor position is legally part of maintained schools governing boards constitution. An LA governor is someone suitably appointed with LA approval, but their role is not to represent the LA in any way. Rather, along with all other governors, they would bring the relevant perspective and skills that the GB feels are needed to governor their school 

Based on experience, our family of Hackney schools have real clarity about the specific skills and diversity they wish to add to their governing board. In addition, we offer guidance to boards on recruiting to all governor positions including LA governors - helping you to ensure you recruit widely diverse boards that reflect the community you serve.

Making a nomination

As a result, we welcome proposals for nominations for suitable candidates from our schools. Please use this application form and send to governorservices@hackney.gov.uk.

The Governor Services team will review your proposal and, if deemed suitable, will formally submit to Cabinet. If there are any issues, we will respond with queries and advise in-depth on the selection process. Once Cabinet meets, the formal decision will be confirmed approximately 7 days later directly to the school. Following this confirmation, the appointment of the governor will take place at your next Full Governing Board. This is when their term will start.

Do ensure you check your LA governor’s term of office and submit your proposal well in advance and by the school deadlines each month, in order to ensure it is submitted to the correct Cabinet meeting without delay.

Autumn and spring term dates

School deadline
(1 week before finalised submissions)
Cabinet meeting date Formal decision confirmation date (approximately)
25 August 2023 25 September 2023 1 October 2023
25 September 2023 23 October 2023 30 October 2023
13 November 2023 11 December 2023 18 December 2023
18 December 2023 22 January 2024 29 January 2024
21 January 2024 26 February 2024 4 March 2024
18 February 2024 18 March 2024 25 March 2024
18 March 2024 22 April 2024 29 April 2024
22 April 2024 20 May 2024 27 May 2024


Governance Services

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