CPD community offer and partnerships

Empowering schools, enriching communities

Are you a school staff member looking to access a range of valuable programmes and support for your school's development? 

Look no further! Hackney Education's new Community Offer is here to connect you with a network of organisations that have partnered directly with us or are recommended for their outstanding contributions to the local community.

Our Community Offer brings together a diverse array of initiatives aimed at enhancing the educational experience in Hackney and beyond. Whether you're based within Hackney or in an out-of-borough school, you'll find a wealth of opportunities to foster growth, innovation, and collaboration within your school environment.


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Royal Opera House

The Create & Learn Programme is a flagship project designed to build teachers' creative confidence in facilitating arts-based learning.

It offers three pathways - Create & Dance, Create & Sing, and Create & Design - connecting with the National Curriculum and ROH artists.

Find out more about the Royal Opera House Programme


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V&A East

This community programme aims to open creative pathways, bringing their collection to Secondary schools in East London.

It supports careers education and fosters pride and representation in the area. Collaborative outreach sessions enrich Art, Design, Technology, and humanities curricula.

Find out more about the V&A East programme


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Calling all primary school leaders, teachers, and faith groups. Experience the magic of storytelling with the Heartstone Story Circle Project.

This unique programme aims to unlock creativity, foster empathy, and address important issues through literature, photo documentaries, and history.

Find out more about Heartstone story circles



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