COVID-19 public health resources

Resources for early years practitioners

We will be adding to these resources as new guidance becomes available. We recommend that you sign up to the Hackney Council email alerts for local information relating to COVID-19.

General advice

Responding to COVID-19 infections in settings

View our COVID-19 quick reference flowcharts. Please note we are currently awaiting updates for these.

As soon as your setting is notified of a confirmed COVID-19 case with a pupil or member of staff, please notify:

To make the process of reporting cases to Hackney Council easier a simple online form has been developed.

Please use this online form to provide information on who has tested positive, how many contacts have been asked to isolate and to give any other additional information which may help us to support you.

If you are a registered Early Years setting please seek additional support to complete the above steps from your Hackney Education Early Years contact.

Additional support or guidance is available via

Please note, the national guidance document refers to the need to notify the Local Health Protection Team. In London this is The London Coronavirus Response Cell (LCRC):

COVID-19 testing

Health protection resources

Immunisations (health protection)

Advice for parents


Infographics in community languages